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Closing Doors - From The Boomting Sessions

Record in Iraq

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Music from the up coming album - Concept Sphere

Recorded in Pqblo escobqr's recording studio (Moss side)

This music was inspired by a 9 ft penguin with a monocle,

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Ghana - Mole National Park - SAFARI!!!

(this really was not a safari)

all seasons in one day -50 °C

Costing Nearly £20 and relying on the good will of the animals, which we would like to thank for their aptitude to read our minds for direction.

Also thank you to canadian nurses for their appreciation of the animal feces

  • ***Be Advise whilst this is viewable to all the is reference and footage of an elephants penis right at the end.****


Director commentry version will be available later this week

Copyright of Dyslexia Flims.

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The Importance of Getting Lost

A major part of settling into a place is making sense of things, recognising patterns in chaos and accepting the existence of fresh new articles, whether you like them or not.

We awoke at 4.00am in Accra, The capital of Ghana, and Spencer the taxi man didn’t look like he was showing, but the guys from the hotel made movements and it came about that they were giving us a lift to too the airport anyhow, so it was fine. We Flew up to Tamale in a small 20-seater plane, Nina and I in a semi-delirious state began to devise plans of what we wanted to achieve in our short time here. I began to film, as I am hoping to document some of our travel, at best induce a scent.

Here we find ourselves, a week into our stay, in the un-developed northern capital, Tamale. Our drive back from the airport in an air condition 4x4 listening to Beethoven was an incredible contrast to the city that lay before us, here people still live in mud huts, here a person can die from a tooth infection, in the UK the NHS is plagued with waste I’m certain that it is a huge contributor towards climate change and whilst we freely dispose equipment as it is in some way contaminated and are encouraged too, here if it exists then it is a blessing, here they thank God because there is not the reliance we have in the 'West'. We are staying with Dr’s Bill & Patricia Turner who are 69 and 75, Bill is Ghanaian by birth but has spent most of his life in England and is very English. Their house is near the Tamale Teaching Hospital whichis where I am to work for the majority of my time here.

After Part-buying my Bike with Bill from a seedy buisness man who changed his prices as much as he smelt, i cycled through these streets following the others in the 4x4. Now, somewhere between Traffic lights, absolute chaos, goats and the some type of bike/motor bike and Crazy goat race, I lost them. The 39C heat screamed at me, and yet I felt relaxed, maybe I’ve learnt to appreciate where I am, being lost isn’t foreign to me. I had no phone so I had to rely on my orientation and memory, so after cycling 10 minutes the wrong way an 8 Year old child called Hassan took me to the nearest land mark I could remember. He was incredibily interested in everything, about me, my ideas, my hairy chin and as the sun beat a delerium i started to remember being interested in people like he was, he didn’t want money, gold or mariage, I cycled with him for a while and tried to buy him a drink which turned out i couldn't pay for anyway as i had too large denominations, so he ended up paying for me and not having one himself. It is a common presupposition to assume that people in a third world country see tourists and think money, whilst on several occasions this is the case, it should not define how you see all, you hear people saying similar things all around the globe to this affect. Especially Where passing through a country and only experiencing shopping this is a fair assumption, theres no gringo moves un-noticed through the market. All the difference so far as being set apart I can see so far is Money related, the depth of which I have only seen in ripples along the surface.

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